Saturday, January 24, 2009

Electrical Madness, Part 3

Well, searching for the cause of the battery drain didn't go so great.

I propped up the test light on the battery and started pulling fuses to see if any would make the light go out. Right away I found three different fuses that seemed to be affecting the current drain. With all three of them removed, the current drain was low enough for my pocket multimeter to read about 140mA draining from the battery. Even with three components out of the loop, that's still a big drain!

I was really hoping to find just a single fuse that would make all the difference and point to a specific component, but instead I've got three different components that are either all faulty, or pointing to a more systemic problem with the car.

I think the next step is to look into those three components a little more (one of them was the "Body Control Module", still need to figure out what that means...), and maybe get some help on a forum.

Wish me luck!

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